About Us

In the October of 2008, during one late afternoon at Peasedown Youth Centre, the first ever Party in the Park meeting was held. The newly formed group was brought together by local Councillor Karen Walker. They included representatives from organisations that had hosted events before, and a collection of brand-new people who wanted to get ‘stuck in’.

From the early beginnings of pulling together ideas on a large sheet of flip chart paper the Peasedown Party in the Park brand was born. The first event, pitched as a grand family fun day, was opened in 2009 by Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis and held in the new location of Beacon Field. With a small stage for musical performances and around 1,500 people attending, this was a great start to a string of successful festivals. After each year modifications were made, committee members came and went, and new ideas were generated to attract sponsorship and promotion for the event.

In 2022, the Party in the Park team hosted their 12th event – celebrating over a decade of successful festivals in Peasedown St John. Now, with an annual attendance of almost 3,000 people, the project has seen over £100,000 raised for the community, with £15,000 being directly given to Peasedown St John initiatives that benefit and support local people.

Over the years, many initiatives have been born under the Party in the Park brand. All of them are influenced by the team’s desire to make a difference in Peasedown all year round, not just for one day during the summer.

In September 2022, the management of the festival was taken over by the Peasedown Community Trust – a local charity that runs several projects in the community.

The future continues to look bright for Party in the Park. The team have been recognised at several award ceremonies for their efforts and dedication, and continually look for new ways to promote the aims and objectives of the festival:

  • Building community spirit in Peasedown St John
  • Bringing people together
  • Putting Peasedown St John on the cultural map

This website features lots of information about how the team are making a difference in the community; now, in the past, and in the years to come.

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Our Finances Explained

Peasedown Party in the Park isn’t a cheap event to host. Each year we need to raise over £6,500 to put on the festival, making sure we not only entertain the 3,000 people that attend, but meet all of our legal, health & safety and security costs.

The festival also took a financial hit during the Covid pandemic. Two years without festivals meant two years without an income – but we still had almost £1,500 in bills that needed to be paid during our two ‘fallow’ years (2020 and 2021).

Click here to see our income and expenditure figures for 2023